Shut Up I’m Counting

‘Shut Up I’m Counting!’ is film in 32 fragments. It is a parable of a complex and erratic world. Tara and Ohio are trapped in a reality packed with symbols, systems and fragments. They don‘t know how to escape from it. They are looking for the sign ‘X’ to show them the WAY OUT. Guided by the Oracle with its mysterious riddles, a turbulent adventure story evolves. The film is written, directed and produced by Felix Salut and has a duration of 27 minutes. Some of the 32 fragments can be watched here.

The movie was released in January 2015 and its premiere at Rialto Cinema with Kunstverein Amsterdam SOLD OUT immediately. ‘Shut Up I’m Counting!’ has been screened on different occasions in different places since then. See a selection below:

Los Angeles Art Book Fair
LAABF Classroom

Saturday 31 01 2015
1 pm

Book launch and film screening organised by RAM Publications

Bozar Cinema
Tuesday, 05 05 2015
8 pm
Centre for Fine Arts / Studio

The Oceans Academy of Arts
(OAOA) presents

The Floating World
by Matthew Lutz-Kinoy
18 min, 2015

by Ola Vasiljeva
4 min 45, 2011

Aunt Aquatic
by Ola Vasiljeva
3 min, 2015

Rosy Figurism
by John Hey
4 min, 2014

Shut Up I’m Counting!
by Felix Salut
27 min, 2015

Artist Ola Vasiljeva presents a selection of videos from the Oceans Academy of Arts (OAOA). A recurring phantom character emerges throughout the labyrinths and riddles of the selected videos, creating a disorientating and maze-like trip. OAOA is an amorphous artist collective founded by Vasiljeva which functions as a vessel for ideas about art and ways of showing art works. Depending on each project, the participants are interchangeable as artists, collaborators, curators or viewers.

Vleeshal Middelburg
Saturday, 24 10 2015

Screenings at 8 pm and 9.30 pm